Le Havre  /  Marseille
Seminar Week: October 23–28, 2011

Augste Perret and Fernand Pouillon at the construction site of Le Vieux-Port, Marseille

Les ensembles sont donc plus nécessaires que les chefs-d’oeuvres isolées: nécessaires, car ils participent à la vie humaines de chaque jour.
— Fernand Pouillon, Ordonnance

The seminar week will study the role of trabeation in the French tradition of classical architecture. We will visit the reconstruction of Le Havre by Auguste Perret, the grand housing developments at the periphery of Paris by Fernand Pouillon, the vieux port of Marseille and the Cistercian abbey of  le Thoronet.

This is an integrated seminar week. It is mandatory for the students of our studio. The costs are approximately 750–900 CHF including Transport, Hotel, Entrances, Guides, and Reader.

Professor Adam Caruso
Assistants: Maria Conen, Murat Ekinci, Stefan Fürst, Oliver Lütjens, Anne Mikoleit