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Florence 4 days, 8 things
Seminar Week: March 21–25, 2022

Paul visiting Peter in prison, Masolino / Masaccio, circa 1485, S. Maria del Carmine, Cappella Brancacci, Florence

The art of fifteenth century Florence is so well known that it should collapse into a cliché. Yet, when one encounters the paintings of Fra Angelico and Masaccio, the architecture of Alberti and Brunelleschi, the sculpture of Donatello, one can still be profoundly moved. This art can speak to complex emotional frailties in a way that gives meaning to the idea of humanism. It is a wonder that artists from such a long time ago had insights into human psychology, social mores and the economy and politics that still powerfully resonate today. 

During our visit to Florence we will visit a single work each morning, and another in the afternoon. We will spend time in these spaces so that we can register what they mean to us today. We will discuss the conditions of their production more than five hundred years ago, how the relationships between patrons, clients and artists in those time are enmeshed in the work and how these things still have relevance today. 

The costs are 501–750 CHF including transportation, accommodation, one dinner, entrances and reader. 

Category C, 16 students

FS 2022, ETH Zürich, Studio Caruso

Emilie Appercé, Tibor Bielicky, Adam Caruso, Claudio Schneider, Barbara Thüler