The Ideal City

Vienna Ideologies
Seminar Week: March 18–24, 2018

Bridge-Club-Wien, Adolf Loos, 1913
Encirclement, Valie Export, 1976
Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Couch
Karl Marx-Hof, Karl Ehn, 1930

This semester we will travel to Vienna to explore the palimpsest of ideologies that can be read into the history of that city. The baroque Vienna is held within the imperial capital, whose bloated monuments are already evidence of the rotting heart that lies at the heart of maximum empire. Today, in a single day, one can compare the grand institutions of the Ringstrasse with the equally grand housing projects of Red Vienna. A radical spirit is still in the air, as are the more neurotic voices of Sigmund Freud, Adolf Loos and Karl Kraus. We will meet Viennese intellectuals, artists, and architects in a dense programme of explorations that lie between fact and fiction.

The costs are approximately 500-700 CHF including Transportation, Accommodation, 1 dinner, Entrances, Guides and Reader.

Category C, 19 students

Professor Adam Caruso
Assistants: Maria Conen, Benjamin Groothuijse, Claudio Schneider, Florian Summa, Kai Zipse