Zhiyu Zeng
FS  2021  Making Plans for Living Together


Food has been the basis of social production and military activity since ancient times, but now, with the help of industrialisation and mass production, how food moves from the soil to the table has faded from our view. How to open up the unreachable Engrosmarkt, Zurich's largest wholesale market for vegetables and fruit, to the society and bring the topic of food to the forefront,is my starting point.

The new interventions include three parts: Producer Market, Productive kitchen and Composting. They are positioned at different stages of food flow chain, supporting seasonal and regional food, minimizing food waste and at the same time serving the whole city. By reassembling the re-use building materials from Parkhaus hardturm on the opposite side in a similar but different way, the three parts will give a new character to the otherwise cold logistic centre through the use of colour, providing a real stage to celebrate food and for public to be aware of and understand food and our connection with the earth.