The house of Memory
Wen Guan
FS  2023  Re (Reframe, Rearrange, Repeat)


Empty hall, machines gone, workers disappeared… forgotten by time, fortunes of dozens mills in Glarus, ghosts of the grandiose industrialisation, despite the collective fame of Glarus industry.


The labourers, who had devoted their whole lives in the mills, have faded out the line of sight of people, so as their single stories. Today, the columns has become the only witness of the past everyday life, with the names of the silent nobodies, which exposes their unspoken wishes to be remembered. There are thousands of concealed individual ordinary stories to be discovered under the collective glorious one.


The house of memory, a place, where the echos of old industry are going to be collected, while the new creative chapters are in process. A living chronicle of the local industrial past, composed of an archive filled by locals, as well as a research centre and atelier for scholars, artists, designers and entrepreneurs form outside. It is an exhibition and celebration space for all, a new story to be continued by thousands of individual participations. 


The house of memory is a bridge from the past to the future, honouring the industrial legacy of Glarus while inspiring innovation and creativity. We remember, we honour, we reimagine. Through remembering the past, we shape an open future.