Maria Conen

2011 Formed Conen Sigl Architects
2008–2010 MAS in History and Theory of Architecture ETH Zürich
2007–2010 Worked for Buchner Bründler Architects
2006–2008 Collaboration with Raoul Sigl and Armon Semadeni
2005 Diploma in Architecture ETH Zürich

Reem Almannai

2016       Formed Almannai Fischer Architects
2011–2015       Own office in Munich
2010–2013             Assistant to Prof. Florian Nagler at the TU Munich
2008–2010   Worked for Diener & Diener Architects
2007–2008 Worked for Suzanne Senti
2006            Diploma in Architecture ETH Zürich

Benjamin Groothuijse

2017       Formed GroothuijsedeBoer Architects
2013–2016             Worked for von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten, Zurich
2013  Master in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, Technical University Delft
2011-2012 Worked for Peter Zumthor & Partner, Haldenstein


Julia Nahmani

2015-2017              Master in Architecture ETH Zurich
2015 Internship at Caruso St John Architects Zurich
2014 Internship at Localarchitecture Lausanne
2011-2014 Bachelor in Architecture EPF Lausanne


Claudio Schneider

2013 Formed Schneider Türtscher Architekten
2011–2013 Worked for Caruso St John Architects
2011 Worked for Valentin Löwensberg Architekt
2010 Diploma in Architecture ETH Zürich
2001 Diploma as an architectural draftsman

Florian Summa

2016       Formed summacumfemmer Architects
2011–2015              Worked for Caruso St John Architects, London/Zurich
2011       Diploma in Architecture RWTH Aachen

Kai Zipse

2015 Formed Weyell Zipse Architects
2013–2015 Worked for Miller & Maranta Architects, Basel
2011–2013 Worked for Caruso St John Architects, London
2009–2011 Worked for Graber Pulver Architects, Zurich
2008 Diploma in Architecture TU Darmstadt

Formerly of Chair Prof. A. Caruso

Oliver Lütjens

Anne Mikoleit

Philipp Oehy

Barbara Thüler

Julian Trachsel

Murat Ekinci

Nike Himmels

Martina Bischof

Stefan Fürst

Anna Page

Joseph Halligan